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While RLRH specialise in the field of Refugee and Forced Migration Studies, we work to prepare colleagues for a breadth of academic careers across the social sciences and humanities, more generally.

The Academic Pillar has three core activities: 

1. The Online Course in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies provides a virtual platform for learners who have been affected by forced displacement to be introduced to the main disciplines, themes, and methodologies of the field. The course has been inspired by the RSC’s 9-month master’s degree. It is taught by RSC faculty and delivery of content is facilitated by RLRH. The course is certified by the University of Oxford and is available free of charge to learners across the globe. RLRH offers the course on a semi-synchronous basis to a new cohort every four months. The first cohort begins in July 2022, click here to learn more and apply (deadline 06 June 2022).

2. The RSC Fellowship in Refugee Studies is an advanced year-long bridging programme offered to learners with experience of displacement. Fellows receive stipends to engage in three terms of study, following the Oxford academic calendar, culminating in independent and group research research projects. They complete the year with a three-month professional research placement with partner organisations. In 2021-22, the fellowship is offered in collaboration with the British Institute in Eastern Africa (BIEA), with a cohort of 12 Fellows whose profiles can be viewed here. For future academic years, RLRH plans to expand the fellowship to other regions. 

3. A graduate access support scheme is available for learners with a displacement background who are interested in applying to graduate degrees at Oxford. Prospective applicants are matched with a current Oxford student or alumni in a field relevant to their academic goals to receive tips, guidance, and feedback on the materials to be submitted for admission to a degree. The University provides application fee waivers to all applicants on this scheme. RLRH works to advocate for and secure establishment of scholarships explicitly for students affected by forced displacement.