#HIP2015 Papers & Presentations


Selected conference papers and PPT presentations from speakers at the 2015 Humanitarian Innovation Conference.

#HIP2015 Papers & Presentations

Full Conference Papers

Ackerly, Gavin (2015) ‘Humanitarian Symbiotic Innovation – Theory and Practice‘. Asylum Seeker Resource Centre.

Crotty, Yvonne, and Laura Kilboy (2015) ‘The Co-Creation of an Innovative Video using an Educational Entrepreneurial approach to inspire Humanitarianism‘. Dublin City University.

Donald, Heather, and Laura Stankiewicz (2015) 'THE REAL SUPERHEROES: Reflecting on the Challenges and Opportunities of Innovators in and of Higher Education spaces in Refugee Camps'.

Vazquez Llorente R. and Wall, I. (eds.) (2014) 'Communications technology and humanitarian delivery: challenges and opportunities for security risk management'. European Interagency Security Forum (EISF).

Kilmurray, Avila (2015) ‘Community Philanthropy: An Innovative Approach for Community Resilience‘.  Global Fund for Community Foundations.

Mays, Robin, Rebecca Walton, Maria Lemos, and Mark Haselkorn (2014) ‘Valuing What Works: Success Factors in Disaster Preparedness‘. ALNAP and American Red Cross.

Okamoto-Kaminski, Ken (2015) ‘Facilitating Innovative Leadership Development Pathway‘. UNDP.

Rono, Karen, and Napier, Fiona (2015) ‘Humanitarian Evidence System Mapping‘. Development Initiatives.

These papers are available with permission of the author(s). Please do not quote or use ideas without appropriate citation. 

Powerpoint Presentations

Design without Borders Workshop: '“Crash course in design for humanitarian practice”: A workshop by Design without Borders on how design makes sense in humanitarian innovation' (17 July 2015)

Corinna Frey (University of Cambridge‘Humanitarian evidence - Can one routinize the use of evidence in humanitarian practice?’ Presentation in 'Improving Humanitarian Evidence' Panel (17 July 2015)

Laura James (Field Ready) ‘Transforming Supply Chains Through Hybrid Innovation Spaces’ Presentation in 'Making Technology Work for Humanitarian Innovation' Panel (17 July 2015)

Ian Gray (Independent Consultant) and Dan McClure (ThoughtWorks) ‘Managing the Innovation Scale Up Journey in the Humanitarian and Development Sectors’ Presentation in 'How to Scale Innovation?' Panel (18 July 2015)

Kees Boersma (University of Amsterdam) Panel Presentation in 'IOM Workshop: Facilitating Innovation' (18 July 2015)

Andrew Lamb (Field Ready) Presentation in 'What Successful Humanitarian Innovation Processes Look Like: Lessons from the HIF' Panel (18 July 2015)